Three Blind Wolves

three blind wolves

Going through some discs I’ve collected over the last couple of weeks, I recently spent some time with a sampler from a Scottish label calledInstinctive Racoon. I met Ben from the label on the friday night of Canadian Music Week, over scotch and pints at a non-venue with Ryder Havdale and Jon Bartlett. I was slightly bummed because I couldn’t get into Lee’s to see The Acorn, but quickly forgot about that after having good laughs making fun of accents, sharing label stories and talking about Frightened Rabbit.

Three Blind Wolves are one of the bands on Instinctive Racoon. Opening for bands like Glasvegas and touring with fellow GlaswegiansFrightened Rabbit,buzz seems to be building up day-b-day for this group. Fronted by the distinctive voice of Ross Clark, these songs have that right combination that hit home for me. Here’s yours and my introduction (in the song below).

Three Blind Wolves by Three Blind Wolves