Currently Listening To: Thunder Jackson

So, turns out I missed this song in my inbox, but I’m so glad that the Soundcloud algorithm decided to deliver it to me recently while on the site.  Take a list to the “electronically charged alternative pop behemoth”, ‘Colours’, from LA duo Thunder Jackson.

Thunder Jackson formed following a chance encounter in a Los Angeles taxi cab. Once the conversation had moved past niceties and mild suspicion, it became clear that both men were restless and searching.

Both transplants in the American west, one from Oklahoma city and the other from the south coast of Wales, a penchant for the seedy, seductive, underbelly of Californian noir had led them to this moment.

Speaking on the track, the pair said: “Man needs colour to live; it’s just as necessary an element as fire and water” – Fernand Leger. Moments of transcendence can be fleeting, full of shadows and shade, truths and non truths. Forget to dream and day to day life can seem muted. Stay limitless. Stay neon.”

For the past year, in a basement studio on the west side of the city, the duo have been working on a debut record, coming soon.