Toronto to Indianapolis

You might have guessed from the lack of posts on the site that I wasn’t really making time for posting in the past week or so. Combining moving apartments, being really busy at work and setting out an a pretty solid roadtrip with a couple friends, I had no time to write.

But, I just spent the whole morning going through my e-mails/press releases and lining up what I’m going to cover here on the site for the next couple of days. So expect some content.

Speaking of road trips, I just came back from Indianapolis last night after traveling 1790 kms to go see Radiohead (still my favorite band since they de-throwned Led Zeppelin in ’99). The band were phenominal as usual and it was a great trip had with great friends. We did not flip out at each other considering we spent so much time in the car together. We staying in three different hotels. We ate White Castle. We got drunk on Coors Light. We were searched at the Border on our way down. We brought back a friend with an expired Canadian passport. We saw Grizzly Bear. We all sang Street Spirit as Radiohead closed with it. We ran into a cornfield.

We had a good time indeed. (Waiting for pics, video).

Actually, last night we were thinking of keeping the dream alive and heading straight to a show. Does It Offend You, Yeah? were playing a sold out show at The Drake. By the time we hit Toronto, we had no steam left. Next time.

Here’s their new video for Dawn Of The Dead.