Ever wonder what goes on during a songwriter retreat?  In the case of the Red Brick Songs retreat two weeks ago, it seems as if some great collaborations were born.

Fifteen songwriters from all across North America flew to Toronto, then drove up north to the Deerhurst Resort in Hunstville, Ontario.  The songwriters included members of ON AN ON, Psychic Twin, JMR, Los Encantados, EXROYALE, Andy Shauf, STACEY, Library Voices, In-Flight Safety, Cuff The Duke and Oh Travioso.  In three days, they collaborated together to write and record The Red Album, a collection of fifteen songs that are amazingly diverse.  There are feel good, hook-filled, future hits; the tear out your heart singer songwriter gems; and a few seductive synth songs.

Here’s one of those tunes, “Tunnels”, created on the last day of the retreat by Erin Fein (Psychic Twin), Ryne Estwing (ON AN ON) and Nygel Asselin (producer of Half Moon Run).