LISTEN: “Ayahuasca” by Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Having made a very welcome return only last week with the reveal of ” Closure”, a gorgeous collaboration with Drew Love of THEY., Vancouver Sleep Clinic reveals another track this week with spectral new offering, “Ayahuasca”. Showcasing Tim Bettison’s icy vocals decorating an emerging arrangement, the sprawling track is a real treat for those who have been following the prodigious Australian artist since he first stepped onto the scene.

Speaking on the release, Bettinson states:

Ayahuasca is a world that I lived and breathed in over a weekend in my little studio apartment in LA. I bought a bunch of food, shut the blinds, lined the walls with LEDs & locked myself into a journey for three days.

It’s the song I’ve always wanted to make but never been brave enough to. Something that defied any normal expectation & allowed me to express every inch of what i was feeling at the time. A place where you can shut your eyes for 8 minutes and escape reality.
Free from the shackles of a major label deal he felt trapped by, 2018 looks set to be a prolific year for Vancouver Sleep Clinic. Pay close attention.