VIDEO: “Dead Eyes” by Dusted

Take a look at the video for “Dead Eyes” off Dusted’s new album Blackout Summer, following its critically acclaimed release last month on Polyvinyl Record Co. The short film touches on sorrow, beauty, humor, family and friendship, drawing cinematic inspiration from Tim & Eric, David Lynch, and our two favorite Andersons.

I love the heart that these characters display – it’s a perfect contrast to the routine funeral we are introduced to off the top,“ shared Borcherdt. “I laughed so many times out loud when I first watched the story unfold but it was the small gestures that kept me coming back. I feel so moved by the love they show their fallen comrade. For instance Claw-Hand-Man puts his hat to his heart after driving the dead body to the sea. He doesn’t follow the procession but stands guard by the getaway car and sends this final heartfelt gesture. It’s really touching; they loved this person so much.

Director William Wilkinson explains, “Dusted’s wistful, hypnotic song inspired us to tell a story of acceptance: sometimes we receive the greatest love and loyalty not from our own blood kin but, instead, from our closest friends.”