VIDEO: “Deo Gratias” by Krief

Montreal singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Patrick Krief, has premiered a new track accompanied by a stunning lyric video, directed by Chris Mills, for “Deo Gratias”. The track is taken from Krief’s highly anticipated fourth solo studio album, automanic, out September 30th via Culvert Music.

According to ‘Deo Gratias’ video director, Christopher Mills “The snare drum rim shot buried in Patrick’s lush production of Deo Gratias felt like an old clock to me. I the instrumentation made me think of gears and bells, and Patrick’s soft, haunting voice made me think of a ghost inside a clock, waiting and longing. I also liked the idea that the video could have twitches to it – a bit like some kind of timelapse, or film-gate type of thing, so I projected Patrick’s image, and the lyrics into the curved glass of the clock, and used the abstract blur to create the “twitches” that come at unexpected moments, and to build the final composite of these very simple ideas, loosely assembled to back this lush song”.

Speaking about the writing of ‘Deo Gratias’ “The lyrics were written and all the arrangements recorded in just a few hours in my home studio. The content of the lyrics touching on religious upbringing and eventually losing faith, yet always wondering if that in your final moments, you might still call out to God. That same night a close friend of mine’s grandfather (which whom he was really close) passed away. He came over that night to go over the words of the eulogy with me. I asked if I could name the song after his grandfather whose name was Deogracias. Which translates to “Thank you God” I changed the title to the Latin version of the name. Deo Gratias” – Patrick Krief