VIDEO: “Fake You” by Yoke Lore

New York indie pop act Yoke Lore, also known as multi-instrumentalist, dancer, and visual artist Adrian Galvin, has shared the new video for “Fake You” via Billboard, who noted that “the indie pop up-and-comer, shows a vulnerable, somber side of himself in the poignant track.”

The video plays with the idea of an inside that is outside, of how to bring the outside in,” Galvin tells Billboard. “It’s about literally turning your living space inside out, and by extension, yourself. It’s a simple idea, but we play out a fantasy of introspective exploration that keeps me flipping from inside to outside and back again to find out what remains, what is constant amidst those drastic changes. I look for other parts of me and try on different me’s. I try life in the sun and expose myself and I have time with the moon where I float within the blank space of my own unknowing.”