Video: “For Paolo” by Woodpigeon


“For Paolo” by Woodpigeon.  A bit about the video from Woodpigeon‘s Mark Hamilton.

“My own growing up in Canada was marked with annual family holidays involving the long drive from Point A to Point B – particularly far for us, given our home city of Calgary right in the middle of the beautiful never-ending golden expanse that is the Prairies. My parents were always the type to find an artist and album they liked and then listen to it non-stop in the car for years. It’s these tapes which, whether I liked them at the time or not, formed an undeniable part of my musical DNA: Carole King, Falco, a truck-stop Hits of the 1960s compilation.

The songs of the For Paolo EP are a valentine of sorts to those old cassettes of my parents – I’d like to think there’s more than just a dash of Fleetwood Mac’s Tango in the Night in the title track, a little bit of girly one-hit wonder in ‘One To Many’. But then again, whenever I think I’m getting pretty close at sounding one way, I’m the only one who hears it – so you’ll have to excuse the thought that there’s a little bit of Boys Don’t Cry’s ‘I Wanna Be a Cowboy’ and Iron Butterfly mixed in here somewhere too.” – MAH

Woodpigeon – For Paolo from Boompa Records on Vimeo.

I also had this video sent to me over the holidays (or near the beginning of them), and I’m late to get it online.  Better late than never.