VIDEO: “Forget Me” by Born Ruffians

Watch the video for new single “Forget Me” by Born Ruffians, which is the second part of a video series directed by Leah Fay Goldstein and Peter Dreimanis of July Talk.  The clip features the band’s Luke Lalonde who recently made his acting debut alongside Tim Heidecker in the feature film Sundowners.

The very day that David Bowie made his grand exit, Luke Lalonde sat down to write “Forget Me,” the song that opens the new record. Over sunrise-summoning acoustic strums, Lalonde sings, “Someday, a white light will come for you,” before adding a reassuring rejoinder: “to comfort you.” In the grand tradition of The Flaming Lips’ “Do You Realize??”, it’s a song about the inevitability of death that proves to be ecstatically life-affirming. “It’s about how the light is something that you should embrace and feel okay going towards it,” Lalonde says. “We’re all doing this together, we’re all on the exact same path—it’s just that some of us are ahead of others.”