VIDEO: “Goodpain” by Yoke Lore

Adrian Galvin – the Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter behind Yoke Lore – has been building up a solid reputation for anthemic indie tracks, and he’s matching that ambitiousness with a time-bending love story for the modern technological age in the video for “Goodpain”.

In the video, the geriatric protagonist places himself in the middle of an unforgettable night with a missed romantic connection, and uses the powers of virtual reality to take the memory in a new, unwritten direction. Before the story becomes a tale of dour, unrequited love, the video embraces the song’s message of taking the bad to get to the good, with a quaint but energetic dance number.

‘Goodpain’ is about needing to go through necessary periods of difficulty or struggle in order to get to the good part of anything,” Galvin tells Billboard. “By altering the memory, [the main character] alters the present, and he finds youth and movement; he dances in his refreshed purity.”