Video: “Keys” by Hooray For Earth

I posted the latest track/video from Hooray For Earth, over at aux on friday.  Here’s what I was talking about.

(from aux)

It’s been over three years since I posted a track from NYC band Hooray For Earth, so its about time I put them up here again.

The band are just about to release their next album “Racy” (the follow up to Hooray For Earth‘s highly acclaimed 2011 debut True Loves). Co-produced by Chris Coady (Grizzly Bear, Beach House, Future Islands) and band leader Noel Heroux, they set out to craft a more fluid listening experience with Racy. This mean a more active role in the studio for Noel Heroux’s longtime bandmates—bassist Chris Principe, drummer Joe Ciampini, and keyboardist/vocalist Jessica Zambri. “I’m still writing, arranging, and doing the preliminary recording,” Heroux says. “But then it’s all funneled out through our scrappy rock band.” Racy is more of a rock album, nine finely etched songs rendered to life by Coady’s crystalline production.

Our first listen of whats to come is the killer track “Keys”, take a listen.

Director Beau Burrows talks about the video.

“Hooray for Earth has a wonderful ear – and, unsurprisingly, eye – for the foreign-yet-familiar and seductively strange, so when they came to us with the prospect of working on a video for their new album, we got excited….we developed and programmed a computer-controlled system of lights and motion control rigs that would flash and move in sync with the song. This allowed us the freedom to shoot different objects and at different locations while keeping the perspective and lighting consistent; It’s motion and light control, all in one. Noel and everyone in Hooray for Earth brought a lot to the table during these exploratory shoots, which made collaborating closely with the band an integral part of the creative process. We certainly had a blast shooting it, so we hope everyone enjoys watching!”