VIDEO: “Land You Love” by Hey Rosetta! / Yukon Blonde

Watch Hey Rosetta! and Yukon Blonde perform their politically charged anti-Conservative video for “Land You Love” and join them imagining a different day on Oct. 20th.

The video is just one part of the larger and initiatives, urging Canadians to vote strategically on October 19th.

Tim Baker of Hey Rosetta! wrote the song and explains how he was inspired by the #ImagineOct20th movement:

It started when our friends Dan Mangan and Torquil Campbell (of Stars) reached out with their #ImagineOct20th concept and the strategic voting awareness movement. Looking at our schedule I realized that, other than the odd tweet, there wasn’t much we could do live, as we were going to be on the road the whole time up until Election Day. So I thought maybe we could learn and perform a cover song, something good and empowering and ‘protesty’, and then film it and send it around. Unable to find a song that spoke precisely to our present political situation in Canada though, I decided to give myself an afternoon to see if anything would come to me in the way of an original song. “Land You Love” is the song that came out of that. It came very fast, as it seems there’s no shortage of things to talk/yell about when talking about the current federal government. Before we shot it, we asked our friends and upcoming tour-mates Yukon Blonde if they’d be into joining us for the video. They were, but being from the other end of this vast country, and being continually on tour as well, we were unable to physically be together for the shoot. So we had a bit of fun with this quite complicated split screen idea. And it turned out to be kind of poetic to me, us being from NL and them being from BC. And just like the Canadian populace, we were far-flung and we had to turn to technology to speak together with one voice.”

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