Video: “Love Ain’t Enough” by The Barr Brothers

“Love Ain’t Enough” by The Barr Brothers from the album Sleeping Operator.  Animated and directed by Dustin Grella, this video was filmed through one continuous shot of 50 cardboard cut-outs and 15 paintings, totalling 2100 frames.  Speaking about the video, Grella shared: “After listening to ‘Love Ain’t Enough’ just a few times I really had this sense that it was a journey and I was traveling into a city or countryside that was unfamiliar, but in a peaceful, confident way, not a fearful way. The more I listened to it the more it brought about the idea of the hero’s journey and about how we are all passing through life and at so many points we find ourselves in unfamiliar terrain, only retrospectively to see them as moments of growth”.