Video: “Real June” by Seoul

Take a look at the latest video from Montreal band Seoul for their song “Real June”; a video directed, edited and shot by Julian Flavin of the band.  Flavin talks of the concept of the video below.

The video for Real June aims to transpose the “romantic” implications of the song onto a friendship between two women, emphasizing the beauty of admitting dependence on another person and receiving support from friends. The film was inspired by friends of ours who express solidarity with one another in grand, life-affirming, and idiosyncratic ways. We were interested in our complicated relationships with the spaces we inhabit and the things we consume, depicting people who can make their own experiences in arenas meant for other productive purposes, while still very much consuming the products on offer without serious complaint. We also wanted to interrogate the tendency for music videos to pair images of “fleeing to the freedom of nature” with “inspirational indie music” and putting into question its validity by defamiliarizing and problematizing the nature-space – all to leave room for the characters to show, more realistically we felt, their ability to free each other.”