VIDEO: “Spotlight” by REFS

Following recent single ‘Forever’, which was featured on HBO’s ‘Girls’ and picked up 13 New Music Friday listings, REFS return with the Sam Hamad directed video for new single, ‘Spotlight’. Featuring the beautiful production of REFS, otherwise known as Zachary Lipkins, and gorgeous tones of vocalist Richard Saunders, ‘Spotlight’further cements REFS as a name to pay close attention to.

Speaking on the track, Zachary states:

You change over years, what you listen to, what you like, the aesthetics that you’re drawn to in terms of texture, simplicity, how much you’re feeling things out… ‘Spotlight’ is the sound of trying to figure out this french 80s thing like Justice and Tears For Fears. For me it’s the feeling of that first time when you’re just having fun with no expectations.