VIDEO: “We Moved” by J.Views

Check out the fan-generated video for “We Moved”, the new track off of J.Views ‘401.1’.

‘401.1’ is the forthcoming deluxe edition release of his grammy nominated album ‘401 Days’. When talking about the video director Tal Zagreba states,”When people stop fearing, that fear doesn’t go away, it becomes energy. We wanted to embody that massive human energy in the form of animation on top of the fan-submitted videos. That animation represents how we collectively glow when we’re disconnecting from fear-mongering thoughts.”

The video also initiated collaboration between J.Views and Global Citizen. Together they have created the #WeMove campaign​, empower​ing​ people to dance in public spaces ​around the world, and share their videos​ with the hashtag #WeMove, as a message of unity and freedom.