Montreal’s Marie-Hélène L. Delorme, aka FOXTROTT, will release the first in a series of EPs on June 15th via One Little Indian Records, and today shares the first cut from the record – pulsing alt-RnB-flecked single “Wait”.

Talking about the track, Delorme said: “Wait is a movement forward towards a brighter place, an urgency to follow the tingling feeling one gets when something or someone rings true to them, calls them. It’s a commitment to make oneself available to this renewal, and being willing to leave things behind by doing so. It’s a feeling of love so strong that one cannot ignore it or deny it.”

Musically, it is a warm pulse, a grounded but expansive energy. It’s drums and bass that pull you forward by your stomach, and shimmering synths and percussions that tickle you in this march forward, like the feeling of a new love. Vocally, it is intimate and upfront, with no “vocal makeup”, like the voice of a loved one murmuring in your ear…