Want To Believe

Have you heard the latest single from Rich Aucoin?  Here’s “Want To Believe”, off the upcoming second album, Ephemeral (Available September 9th, 2014 via Bonsound (Canada) and Young Enthusiastic Americans (USA) and available October 14th, 2014 via Platinum Records (France)).

Taking a breaking from relentlessworld-wide touring (cross-Canadian shows, European festivals, even a beach party in Madagascar), Aucoin distills all of his big ideas into 10 sharp dance-pop songs, creating one central message.  We must gather all things that cause fear and division, and use them to bring us together.

“In times like this/I wanna be a believer!”, Aucoin shouts on the driving, dynamic “Want to Believe,” an exuberant anthem mixed by Grammy Award winner Mick Guzauski (Daft Punk).

Take a listen!