We Have A Winner! (Whisky Rocks)

whisky rocks

This week on Aux, as part of the Whisky Rocks competition, I summed up this years competition and announced the winner.

(from aux)

Well, its been another great Whisky Rocks competition!

In the weeks leading up to the final, I was asked to pick a couple of standout entries which I thought had a chance to make the top three.  Seems as if I’m on a slightly different page then the voting public, I didn’t see either Elos Arma or Ilvekyo make the shortlist.  Really, its such a hard thing to predict, as there were a lot of great entries from the variety of bands and artists.  Kudos to every artist that put themselves out there and into the competition.  Treat this as a learning experience and use that knowledge for your next shot at a competition like this.

I really enjoyed reading the posts from my fellow bloggers.  Such a big part of my music obsession is finding trusted sources and opinions on music and through this competition, I’ve now added  Raina, Lisa, Anne and Nicole to my daily feed of posts to read.  Looking forward to all the bands they recommend down the line.

Also, I’d like to thank Aux and the LCBO for the opportunity to participate in this project!

Finally, on monday Nicole announced our top three contenders for the Grand Prize.  They were: The Glorious Sons, Rye and Silence and Sarah Smith.  Last night, we got down to one.  Are you ready to know who won?