We Will Be Realized by Blackball False, Truth!

blackball false, truth

Who: Blackball False, Truth!

What: In his words:

i am a guy
i live in a country
i live in a city
i live in an apartment

i have a regular job
by “regular” i mean something totally for grown ups
occasionally, i make music
this site is where the music goes after i’m finished with it
there was a site before this called malmomusic.com
that site is gone forever
but if you try really hard, you can probably find the songs somewhere
(prolly not)
(also, the songs weren’t that good)

i don’t have anything to sell to you
but once in a while people ask if i can sell them something
so maybe, some day, i will think of something to sell to you

Check out his newest album Arpeggiate, free to downloadhere.

Song: We Will Be Realized. Nice track.