Wear Your Favourite Band with a Playbutton


When I read on Exclaim! about the newest music format, I wrote Jim at Playbutton, asking him to send me one.  A week later, I received the above in the mail.  The self-titled album from NYC synth-pop band Bubbles in an mp3 player encased in a 2-inch button, begging me to ask the question: “Why just play a record when you can wear it too?”.  The album artwork decorates the paper box, shelf and liner notes and the package comes with a USB charger.  The audio content is pre-recorded and can’t be downloaded or altered, just like a CD.  The button has a play button along with track selectors (which also function as volume controls when held down).  A tiny button on the left controls the EQ, through 1 of 7 programmed configurations.

With all the crazy directions technology is taking music these days, I’ve gotta admit I didn’t see this one coming.  But I like the idea.  If mp3 players have come down in price enough to manufacture like this, then why not pick up your favourite album in button form.  I can see this working really well as a keepsake people would want to pick up at live shows.

In the meantime, I’ve pinned this record on and I’m getting to know this band Bubbles.  Check out their track “Dance Party”.

04 Dance Party by Bubbles Playbutton