Where do you read Indie Music Filter?

I often ponder this question.

Do you head straight to the main site and browse the posts? Do you get the feed from twitter? Or do you subscribe to the rss feed? Or perhaps you’re getting my posts through Networked Blogs on facebook?

Since launching the new look of the site, I decided to start making these different sites work together. So now, when I post on the main site, it goes to Twitter and Facebook. When I post on the mobile site, it syndicates into the main site, then gets posted to Twitter and Facebook. When I add a video on Indiemusicfilter.tv, it gets sent to Twitter, Facebook but also the main site, as an ‘Aside’ (or near the bottom as the ‘Twitter Feed’).

Tweets, like videos, go to twitter, facebook and the twitter feed section of the main site.

All of these posts get sent to Elbo.ws and The Hype Machine. Maybe more places.

And I weekly post at Aux.tv and Virgin.

Think I really only wanted to write this out to make some sense of this in my head…..

Anyway, my thoughts are in recommending following the rss feed as the best way to keep up with what I’m posting.

And, as always, thanks for reading.