Best of 2010: Lists

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best of lists music

One new thing I’ve started doing this year is collecting links for “Best of 2010″ lists, from the blogs that I follow. Or course, Largehearted Boy does the best job at this, but these are the ones that showed up in my daily feeds (in no particular order). Enjoy.

-Cause=Times (best albums)

-Gorilla vs. Bear (best albums) (best songs)

-Their Bated Breath (best albums) (best eps)

-NPR (best music)

-Skatterbrain (best albums)

-Tsururadio (best albums)

-We Listen For You (best songs) (best opening tracks) (best albums)

-Largehearted boy (best albums)

-You Ain’t No Picasso (best albums) (favorite songs)

-Chromewaves (Best Albums)

-Dailybeatz (best albums) (best remixes) (top albums mixtape)

-Stereogum (best albums)

-Spin (best albums)

-BBC (the sound of 2011)

-Right Hear (best albums) (best videos)

-Pretty Much Amazing (best albums)

-Pasta Primavera (best albums) (best songs)

-Quick Before It Melts (best albums)

-Rawkblog (best eps and singles) (best songs)

-The Recommender (best albums) (best songs)

-Said The Gramophone (best songs)

-Friends With Both Arms (best new artists)

-Nialler9 (best remixes) (best albums)

-The OCDM (best albums)

-Cover Me (best cover albums) (best cover songs) (best cover videos)

-Music For Kids Who Can’t Read Good (top 50 songs) (best albums)

-Sunset In The Rearview (top 20 albums)

-Rollo & Grady (artists driven best of list) (best songs)

-My Old Kentucky Blog (Dodge) Best Albums of 2010

-Singing Lamb (best albums)

-We All Want Someone To Shout For (Best albums) (best songs)

-Tympanogram (best of 2010)

-Rock Insider (best albums)

-Roundletters (best albums)

-Neon Gold (best singles) (best videos)

-MFR (fave albums) (fave songs)