12 years of DFA: Too Old To Be New, Too New To Be Classic

If ever you found yourself yearning for a mesmerizing history lesson about one of the most revolutionary independent Indie Music Labels, well then dance yourself clean and come and inhale this treat. Teaming up with the Lord-Honchos of DFA; James Murphy (of LCD Soundsytem) and Jonathan Galkin, Red Bull Music Academy have created the celebratory documentary “Too Old To Be New, Too New To Be Classic: 12 Years of DFA”.

Written, shot and directed by Max Joseph, this short film tracks through 12 years since the labels inception, in 12 minutes. Identifying the founding members Jon & James as the ‘Jewish mother’ and the ‘Dad you’ve never met’ respectively – this ode to everything that is right in the world goes directly into the pumping musical heart of where superb sounds ooze from. From dubbing the way DFA listeners dance as “pogo’ing” to asking the fundamental core question of “choose 1 LCD Soundsystem song”, it leaves you questioning pretty much every creative decision you’ve made and pitting it against these Godfathers of Indie. It’s delicious.