Currently Listening To: Alice Boman

This is a beautiful song.  Here’s “Waiting” by Alice Boman.

Adrian Recordings sent me an e-mail with links to all of the spring releases they’ve been working on.  Since they’ve been so busy lately, they had no intentions on finding anything new to release, but their friend Emil from the Malmö recording studio (“Studio Möllan”) came along with a girl he thought they should listen to. They rarely listen to demos nowadays but they made an exception. And according to them, time just stopped…

May 22nd, the label will be releasing Alice Boman‘s first EP called “Skisser” (“sketches” in Swedish) and thats exactly what the EP is.  The song ideas were recorded in Alice’s home just so she could remember them, not really intended for anyone else to hear.  I’m intrigued, especially if “Waiting” is along the lines of whats to come.