Canadian Music Cafe: Part Deux

Continued from previous post.

Thursday lineup… I was looking for something really interesting. Something that might help me overcome my hangover.

Enter Plaster. They were booked to DJ in-between sets, but Magneta Lane cancelled so these boys from Montreal took the slot. A three piece born in 2001, their goal was to create live ‘electronic music using standard jazz instruments.’ Think about a cocktail that is 3 equal parts jazz, jam band and DJ.

They’ve got an interesting audio player on their website. You can choose a song, then choose which musician will play. When you have a specific musician turned off, they just look up and kind of stare at you all weird. You might have to check it out to understand what I’m saying. I feel my description abilities are lacking and I’m close to falling asleep.

Check out their myspace page. ‘Would You’ is an interesting one. I hear this as an Austin Powers montage, or something along those lines.