LISTEN: “In Memory” by Clock Opera

With the amount of music that goes in and out of my ears, I’m so guilty of losing track of bands, unless they find a way to continually get my attention. Clock Opera (along with only a handful of bands) is an exception, where during their breaks and hiatuses, I find myself trolling their twitter and facebook feeds looking for signs of activity.

In the fall of last year I was rewarded for my snooping, as after a three-year hiatus, the band shared their first new music (“Changeling“) since their incredible 2013 debut Ways To Forget. Now, we’ve got a new single in “In Memory”, which continues to show a darker path for the band, “introducing melancholia not often associated with the band’s trademark sample-led euphoric-pop”.

It’s one the most personal songs the band have ever written, explains the band’s singer and lyricist Guy Connelly “It’s about questioning your identity, about being judged on who you are versus what you thought you were. What you were expected to be coming up against what you might end up being.”  The song feels almost meditative, featuring Connelly’s renowned falsetto set to minimal bass and womb-like synths.

The song was recorded at Squarehead Studios in Kent with Kristopher Harris (Bear’s Den) over the summer of 2015 and like “Changeling”, gives us a great foray into Clock Opera‘s forthcoming album, set to be released this summer.