Currently Listening To: NRVS LVRS

Another year in the books.  You ready to find out what 2015 holds for new music?

Let’s find out.

NRVS LVRS are a San Francisco 6-piece who began their journey at the beginning of 2014, when a collection of songs written initially for the purpose of musical experimentation, found themselves at the centre of a newly forming band.  Led by Andrew Gomez and girlfriend Bevin Lee, The Golden West is the resulting work that has the band exploring the fading art of political music.

Each song examines a different point of view on the latest tech disruption and its leaders” says Gomez.   Exploring the many problems the current technology boom in their native San Francisco is causing, the band capture a city with a disappearing arts & culture scene, where work and free time have become indistinguishable, and locals are being priced out of their own homes.  Musically, the group meld circuit bent bleeps, grimy drum loops, buzzy toys, humming synths, processed handclaps and failing 80’s keyboards, creatively edited together with the flesh and blood sounds of guitar, bass, & drums.

Take a listen to “City Lights”.