Currently Listening To: Big Data

I hope you love this track as much as I do.

Here’s Big Data, which is a duo of Daniel Armbruster (of Joywave) on vocals with Alan Wilkis as the producer.  If you don’t recognize these names from hanging out on IMF, check the hypem charts (Joywave hit #1 on Hypem for their song “Tongues” 4 times since April and Alan’s song “More Than Normal” featuring Childish Gambino hit #2 in June).  Big Data‘s 1st single from their EP “1.0” is called “Dangerous” and lyrically speaks to the bizarre cycle voyeurism in the digital age. The idea that we can spy on people anonymously so easily from our Facebook / Twitter / internet, etc… and yet at the same time, our every single move is being recorded, tracked, and monitored by big scary government & companies.

Yesterday “Dangerous” was sitting at #5 on Hypemachine pop chart, now its #3.  I think it deserves to be #1. C’mon, check out that groove.  ON REPEAT.