Currently Listening To: Tom Greenwood

Even though quite a lot of people read my submission guidelines before sending me music, the vast majority make the mistake of pitching me songs sonically so far away from the bands I love to post on Indie Music Filter.  Every once in a while though, I’ll hear an exception to the rule, like East London songwriter Tom Greenwood and his song “Anything But Yourself”.

There’s not much of a bio from what he sent me, or a link to a press photo (I took a screen grab from soundcloud), but those things don’t always matter to me in getting a quick post on the blog.  It was convenient to click on the “Anything But Yourself” soundcloud link and start hearing his music right away.  That combined with knowing he writes and records everything himself and spent his 20’s being a session musician for people like Alex Winston, honne and George maple, was enough to get me interested and hit the old “Publish” button.

Thanks for reaching out Tom.