Currently Listening To: Vinyl Thief

Vinyl Thief is Nashville’s Grayson Proctor (vocals, synth), Logan Purdom (guitar), Sam English (keys), & Andrew Broadway (drums).  They’re currently keeping up the buzz of March’s release of the Stop Motion EP, by throwing a new track out there, from their upcoming full length album out later this year.   Lead singer Grayson Proctor talks about the track in question, “Middle Of The Night“:

This song came together at the very end of the album process. I was lying awake in our manager’s apartment at 4am in New York after a gig. I’ve always loved being awake at that point of the night. It almost feels like everyone around you is on pause, and you get to experience things completely on your own. I sang the melody and the lyrics “who’s gonna hold you, in the middle of the night” into my phone and didn’t think twice about it.  We revisited it later and the three other guys took it somewhere that was really exciting.  Logan’s guitar melody in the instrumentals is one of my favorites of the entire record.”

For fans of Annuals, Hooray For Earth, take a listen.

That solo…….