Days When You Die

the mohawk lodge

“Days When You Die” by The Mohawk Lodge.

from press release:

The tours supporting 2010’s “Crimes” saw The Mohawk Lodge songwriter and frontman Ryder Havdale undertake a rigid schedule with several European tours and criss-crossing Canada.   It was a chaotic and debaucherous time spent in snow-storms on the Autobahns, rainy nights in Paris, and days stuck at Heathrow that found Havdale back at home channeling stories, loves, and fears into a new album of ideas “Damaged Goods”.  Home that’s been the White Whale Records label headquarters in Toronto’s Bloor-Ossington neighbourhood– the setting for their 4th Crimes video, the atmospheric “Days When You Die”.

Yesterday, Havdale formally ending the era that followed the “Crimes” album by not only uprooting his home and label to a new Toronto location, but, also offering this video as a kind of eulogy to the place and time that has fed the fires of new tunes. “Days When You Die” and its accompanying video depicts mornings of guilt, self-reflection, and introspection, and was one of the many songs off of “Crimes” that formed the soundtrack to an exhausting year of touring.

With a new backing band, a new album on the horizon, a new home, and new beginnings, comes the start of a brand new era. Let this last musical document from Crimes be the hands that finally let it rest in peace.