Easter Eyes by Rikers

Who : Rikers from Peterborough, Ontario.

What : Every once in a while I find out about a band in my own backyard from a music supervisors in Los Angeles. I try to keep myself on top of all the bands starting up here in Canada, but there’s a ton of quality groups starting up all the time. I’m bound to miss a couple.

Heard about Rikers yesterday, a recording project of Russ Davidson and Ryan Kennedy, plus a rotating cast of musicians that help to flesh out the live show. They recently recorded a bunch of songs in Ottawa with producer Shawn Bradley (Mellodrone ) which were subsequently mixed in NY with Kevin McMahon (Walkmen, Fightened Rabbit, French Kicks ). Looks like an EP coming our way in the near future sounding somewhere nice between Glasvegas and Jesus and Mary Chain . Vocally (they’ll probably hear this alot) it reminds me of Big Wreck . Take a listen.

Song : Easter Eyes . You might recognize they names of these guys, they used to play in Money Money before the band broke up 18 months ago.