Everyone Needs A Timeout

Two posts ago I promised a full SXSW recap and to share the nuggets of good music I have cued in my inbox. I did not deliver. Truth is, I’ve barely been able to look at a computer screen in the last week or so. I’ve been way under the weather with a slew of flu like symptoms as well as dizzyiness and poor vision. I’m still waiting to find out exactly what is wrong with me, but my best guesses are either Labrynthitis or a virual infection I must have picked up in Austin. My condition has gotten better, as I’m not longer violently puking like saturday morning. What I still have though is a rough case of motion sickness and blurring in vision past 15 feet or so. I’m confident that if I treat the symptoms and get rest, eat well, etc. this will pass.

How did this all happen? Probably that dangerous coctail of bad habits culminating over CMW, SXSW, through the worst hangover on a flight I’ve ever taken in my life, to adjusting back to work here in Toronto. I’m now eating better, sleeping tons, haven’t had a drink in 9 days, and am getting my strength back.

Its been hard to even listen to music lately. Even the good stuff. But now I’m unplugging my weary ears, ready to get back into the swing of things.

Thanks for checking back.