LISTEN: “Evolve” by Phoria

Today could use a bit more beauty. Take “Evolve” by Brighton 5 piece Phoria, the 3rd new track to be taken from their debut album (Volition), which is due for release June 3rd via X Novo.

Over the past few years, Phoria have become known for their colourful, visually evocative soundscapes with the release of two EP’s: 2013’s Bloodworks and 2014’s Display. I’ve supported a lot of their previous singles here, hopefully helping them earn some Top 5’s on Hype Machine, while also giving them the keys to the blog at the end of 2014.  Many other outlets and fans are taking notice of this great band, as shown in their millions of Spotify streams.

Phoria are headed up by composer Trewin Howard and joined by two friends he has known all his life (guitarist Jeb Hardwick, piano/synth player Ed Sanderson) and two others (drummer Seryn Burden and bass/synth player Tim Douglas), who he feels he has known forever. The group treat their work unlike a conventional band, but more as applied technicians in a self-created sonic laboratory named Phoria.  Volition is bursting with vibrant sounds throughout, from opener “Melatonin”’s electronic washes to “Emanate”‘s organic clicks and claps, to the epic string section finale on “Yourself Still”, which brings a colourful parade to end the record.

Take a listen to “Evolve”.

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