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I was hoping that ROMES, or someone from their camp, would get in touch with me and send me their music.  Since hearing their song “Tryna Be” debut last week at Neon Gold, I’ve been wondered just where this band came from. Even though I’m not at shows as much as I used to be, I’d still expect to hear rumblings from my hometown first (the group call Kensington Market in Toronto their home), from either concert listings or local insiders talking about the band.

On the other hand, the reality for me lately is that any number of the blogs who I follow, now take the place of how I used to discover new bands at the Horseshoe Tavern on a Tuesday night. I speculate that ROMES are no strangers to the music scene though, in starting with such a strong first single, plus also having Tony Hoffer (Beck, Phoenix, M83) produce and mix their upcoming EP (out April 8th).  Everything online so far fits the cryptic approach (even all their press shots obscure their faces), but one thing I do know, a guy named Andrew in the band sent me their music (if that somehow narrows it down).

Then as I was writing this post, I kept thinking how much the singer and the samples reminded me of Nightbox.  Could this be them?

Looking forward to learning more about the band.  Check out “Tryna Be”.

Romes (Homepage)