Fickle Friends are Back to “P L A Y”

Brighton synth-rockers Fickle Friends released their first track, “Swim” just a little over three months ago.  That one track got over three-hundred thousand plays on SoundCloud alone, and when one hears that catchy guitar line paired with splashy synth and smooth beat, is there any wondering how?

I’ve been waiting eagerly for another track by this five-piece, and “P L A Y” is proof that their first release was no fluke.  Leaning on more power-pop songwriting tendencies rather than the late eighties R&B elements from “Swim”, Fickle Friends craft much more of a foot-stomper this time around.  It holds some differences, but the fun synth-lines and Natassja Shine’s lyrical work remain delightful staples.

2014 is going to be a fun year for this band, and it may do well for you to join in with them.