LISTEN: “Already Love” by Great Good Fine Ok

Have you heard “Already Love” by Great Good Fine Ok?

I use a saved folder in my e-mail like a staging area for what tracks will end up on the blog, which sometimes is absolutely barren, or completely full of music to post (like this week). Ideally, I’d love to have a comprise of the two, which a handful of songs/videos to post at any one time, but I guess its good to have choices.

This track fell to the bottom of the pile and I missed the opportunity to post it last week, before their Toronto show too, which happened last night.  Bummer. Hopeful the crowd enjoyed the synth-pop duo’s slick single “Already Love” among others. Over soft synths and a bouncing rhythm, the track’s melody serves as a whisper of tender affection, as lead signer Jon Sandler confesses “I know you think that I’m crazy, ‘cause I can’t stop calling you baby,” admitting that what he feels is “already love.”

Take a listen to “Already Love” (for fans of RAC, Panama Wedding).