Guest Playlist: Amine Ramer (States Of Sound)

This week’s tastemaker playlist is from the ears of music supervisor Amine Ramer. Amine hails from a mystical island she calls the “Antipodes”, which is latin for against the Podes. She has worked in tv, film and ads and seems to land on some of the coolest projects like “Food Inc” and the Richard Pryor documentary. Amine’s taste in music has always been cutting edge and way ahead of the curve which is why I love to hear what’s rocking her world. Mostly so I can steal her ideas and claim them as my own …and now so can you!! Tell your friends you heard it first! And don’t forget to follow my weekly playlist. – Joel C. High

Tell me about some of your recent projects – and any off the beaten path jobs you do as a music supervisor.

“The Lovers And The Despot” (Magnolia picked up at Sundance this year and was nominated for Grand Jury Prize). Great doc about Kim Jong ill kidnapping a divorced couple Director /actress from south Korea and forced them to make films for North Korea for 8 years until their escape. “Faking It” Season 3, a scripted show about how two people love each other in different ways.
As a supervisor you are part tastemaker, part researcher, part facilitator for the directors vision.. “For The Lovers And The Despot” I had to find and license “Korean Spring Song” by the Kim sisters (sung in Korean). It is a great song but not the usual fair:)

What are your favorite ways to discover new music for projects?

I go out a lot and like to check out new bands/DJs. I have a great network of people including other supervisors and DJ’s here, in the UK and Europe and the antipodeans who alert me to new great stuff!

How did you get your start in music supervision and how often do you regret taking this path?

After being a booking agent/day to day manager/booking a club, I knew I wanted to stay working and exposing great music to the world and it was suggested to me I should be a music supervisor. I thought Yes! I had a lot of help getting into it from some great people like yourself, Jon Rosner & Thomas Golubic . Being a freelance music supervisor and not always knowing what you will be working on next (or if you’ll be working), is when I may start to regret this path, but then I remember how much I love the job and music and know it is worth it. After an 18 hour day I also ask myself what I am doing, or when someone wants the Rolling Stones for 2k and says “but just show them my film and they will say yes..” (Not that I won’t try, but music supervision is not just curating the sound of film/TV but understanding licensing and the intricacy of publishing and knowing what things cost).

Does everyone own their own wallabies in your homeland? Do you own a didgeridoo?

Haha hahaa. Being from the great country known as New Zealand we have kiwi birds and kiwi fruit and kiwi’s (the people) and fantastic music and hobbits!

About Amine:

Amine Ramer is a Tastemaker, Consummate Music Industry Professional and Founder of States of Sound.  As a music supervisor and consultant, Amine Ramer has influenced the sound and mood of feature films, documentaries and award-winning television series for nearly a decade. Ramer’s success can be attributed to her careful selection of significant artists, ranging from the unknown to the popular, and her keen sensibility to create a visceral experience by connecting sight with sound. A native of Auckland, New Zealand, Ramer credits her career path to her upbringing in an environment that encouraged the development of individuality and seeking out the new rather than following trends. Credits include “The Signal” (Focus Features), “The November Man” (Relativity), “Faking it” (MTV), “Richard Pryor: Omit the Logic” (BBC/Showtime), “The Losers” (Warner Bros) and “Finders Keepers” (The Orchard).