Guest Playlist: Joel C High (creative control)

Hey there  – Joel C. High here  – music supervisor and board member for the Guild of Music Supervisors.  The guy on the right in the picture above. You may remember me from such films as “Leprechaun In the Hood”, Rob Zombie’s “Devil’s Rejects”, “Monster’s Ball” and every single movie by Tyler Perry.  I have been a fan of Indie Music Filter’s guest playlist feature and had been wondering why Chris doesn’t get around to doing it more often. 

Without an adequate response, I volunteered to help host this feature.  Every couple of weeks, I will be talking to some of my peers in music supervision, filmmaking and basic music fan-ness to hear what they are working on and more importantly what music has been making their lives better.  So please tune in and watch for this feature and hear what we’ve been hearing.

For this week’s playlist I am featuring my weekly playlist I do for fun on Spotify (follow this shit  – its gold  – I promise!).  I update it every week with the music that we at creative control have been working on and what generally turns our ears on.  This has been a really productive couple of weeks at creative control – especially post-sxsw.  The playlist  has music from several of our projects including  “Of Mind And Music” which opened in LA during SXSW and for “The Girl In The Photographs” which opened in LA last week.  It also contains songs from “The Loner” and “Dean”, which are both premiering at Tribeca film fest next week.  I also included some of the songs that I am temping on “HeartBeats” and “Boo! A Madea Halloween”  – so a lot of stuff going on!

Enjoy and more next week from the president of the Guild of Music SupervisorsJohn Houlihan.