Halifax Pop Explosion

I had an amazing time this past weekend at the Halifax Pop Explosion. Highlights included:

The Acorn at St. Matthews Church. Amazing acoustics. Great songs, harmonies, deep rumbling percussion and carefully crafted in-between song banter.

The Danks at The Coconut Grove. First time seeing this band. Love Brohan Moore’s impression of Kelly Jones (Stereophonics) fronting The Strokes.

-My panel and demo discussion seemed to go well. Hopefully I was able to give some people some ideas or guidance.

-I stayed at the Citadel Hotel, which that weekend was filled with Halifax Pop, a hockey team and two weddings. Was up until 5am Sunday Morning listening to a drunk hockey player trying to get his roommate to let him back into his room, across the hall from mine. Apparently he left a souvenir of puke on my door, which the bellhop cleaned up before I emerged from my room.

-Got soaked in the rain while climbing the Citadel Hill to find my hotel late Saturday night.

-Porter Airlines was painless. Good people there.

-Halifax is a beautiful city and I look forward to going back.