‘Behave Yourself’ teaser for upcoming Cold War Kids EP

From the band:

As promised we will be releasing a 4 song EP called Behave Yourself on January 19. We made a 1 minute video with our friend Vern to give you a preview of the songs and the video for Audience that will come soon. We had a great time filming it in San Pedro; in our rehearsal space, skating on the docks, driving on the bluffs, shaving in the tide pools and being nude in a friend of a friends bathroom. Thanks to OBrien for letting us borrow the 71 Triumph. We are in the studio now writing and recording so we are only going to do 4 shows in January. We are going to find a way to make them special by giving a free recording of each show that you can dowload with ticket purchase. Hopefully. If we can figure out the technology.

January 19th is my birthday, anyone want to buy the EP for me?

Click the image below to watch the teaser.