LISTEN: “Xed Eyes” by Holy Fuck

I can’t believe it’s been 6 years since we’ve had an album from Toronto’s Holy Fuck.  The Canadian 4-piece are back with new songs in the Congrats LP, to be released via Last Gang Records on May 27th.  This album that took two years to make and its announcement came as a surprise to most when the band started teasing new music.  Back in February, I posted their song “Tom Tom”, but I’m more a fan of this brand new song “Xed Eyes”.

Congrats was recorded by the same lineup that recorded previous album Latin: Borcherdt, Graham Walsh, Matt “Punchy” McQuaid, and Matt Schulz. As they worked, they discovered that Congrats was a process of refining things, Walsh says-both physically and philosophically. Their ad hoc arsenal of low-budget hi-tech toys has been streamlined down to what he calls the nervous system of the band: “What gets run through our system is the seed of the idea for our music, and the system is what we play. This record is almost a beginning-the first stage of a new way for us.”

In response to taking such a long break between albums, Borcherdt says “We were told we did everything wrong,” but from what i’ve heard so far this year, I’d have to disagree.

Check out “Xed Eyes”.

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