I think I found Borat’s cousin

Take a listen to some music off a 3 inch CD that I found in the office while checking demos.

Here’s what I know:

-The CD came from Kazakhstan. I know very little about this place. Therefore, I can’t really judge how this music fares over there. Perhaps this is the ‘top rung’ of the music ladder?? I don’t know?

-The disc came into the office here with no onesheet, bio, letter, etc. This is normally helpful in getting to know an artist. All we have is the 3 inch CD, with the artist’s name and e-mail address.

-Finally, we’re not quite sure if this disc is an honest submission of someone’s work, or a hoax of some kind. You be the judge.

***I urge you to comment on the following tracks. Its been a while since anyone has let me know what they think. I’m pretty sure this music will inspire emotions…***

I give you Sergey Zuikin.

Check out:

Scandalous. My favorite of the three. Sounds kind of like Karaoke.

When You Are Gone. Hold a loved one for this one.

Your Toy. Any song with the lyrics “doing such nasty things in your neighborhood” and “your toy is just a joy for me” has to be golden.