Sparrow House

Bad things happen in 3’s right?

I’m waiting for number three. Maybe I’ll just get it over with, go pinch my pinky toe between the door and door frame….

Then I can enjoy some music by Sparrow House and chill out a bit.

Solo project of Voxtrot keyboardist/guitarist Jared Van Fleet. Most of his music was recorded alone for a unfinished LP as part of an honors thesis at the University of Texas.

After playing in the spring and summer of 2005, he performed at the kerrville folk festival and started collaborating with players from the Tonewheel family; a multi-lateral coalition of songwriters, composers, and musicians based in Austin, TX. The tracks below can be found off Jared’s first release, the six-song ep falls.

For your listening and consideration, ‘When I am gone‘ by Sparrow House.

Also, Check out ‘Foxes (Sighing Like A Furnace)‘.

Sparrow House