Indie Music Filter presents Hand Drawn Dracula (mixtape)

Everyone loves a good mixtape right? Well, I’ve recently put one together with all the songs coming from one Toronto record label. Hand Drawn Dracula. The label was formed by Brian Borcherdt (Holy Fuck) and visual aritst/designer James Mejia from almost 10 years of working the Dependent Music collective. With the same principles of friendship, art and music that saw Dependent artists achieve worldwide success, the label’s mandate is to help each other achieve artistic goals and to produce quality projects that they are proud to present. The label roster includes Bishop Morocco, Brian Borcherdt, By Divine Right, Contrived, Julie Fader, Off the International Radar and Wintersleep, as well as putting out collaborative projects with Black Moth Super Rainbow, Holy Fuck and Shugo Tokumaru.

I’ve loved just about everything I’ve heard from the label. The mix I’ve put together is a good cross section of sounds. A great intro to your next favorite indie label. Head here to stream the songs, read about the artists and download the mixtape.

Below is the tracklist:

1) I Love A Girl by By Divine Right

2) While I Was Asleep by Brian Borcherdt

3) Disco Guitars (unmastered) by Bishop Morocco

4) Goodbye Before Hello by Julie Fader

5) Holy Radar (Off The International Radar vs Holy Fuck) by Off The International Radar

6) Not A Goodbye by Contrived