Jay’s Top 5 IOS Video Games for the Road (BRAVE SHORES TAKEOVER)

Hey it’s Jay from Brave Shores. Here are my top 5 video game apps for when I’m on the road.
5. AlphaBetty

You’ll be forming words in your dreams after a deep session of this addictive word puzzler. I think DvD is on level 200 and something??

4. True Skate

In high school, my friend Derek and I were obsessed with those mini-skateboards you could do finger tricks with. Here’s a great casual free skate game I’ve gotten pretty good at. There’s no game, just a nice therapeutic free-skate.

3. Solomon’s Boneyard

I just recently had a revival of this game, that originally came out several years ago. Very fun and intense top down horde mode action rpg. I’ve missed some beautiful scenery while locked in this game trying to beat my high score – so be careful!

2. Bastion


Get Bastion. It’s a very well made and very hip game. Music and narration are wonderful. Zelda like Action rpg.

1. Final Fantasy VII

Just ported to the iOS, I couldn’t be more thrilled to re-live my favourite game. This game has music that inspired me as much as my favourite bands/composers. Epic story that will move you to tears. Best-game-ever.

jay brave shores

This post was written by Jay McCarrol of Brave Shores, as part of their Takeover of Indie Music Filter.  Follow them on twitter here.