Stef’s Trip Playlist Essentials (BRAVE SHORES TAKEOVER)

Hey it’s Stef from Brave Shores. Here are some songs that always make it on my road trip playlists. Lotta throw backs on here, but that just means they’re tried and true. In no particular order. Good for car, boat, plane, and motorcycle trips.

1. Air- “Surfing on a rocket”.  An absolute cruiser.

2. Anika – “Yang Yang”.  This one too, that drone sound has wings. Sorry Yoko, this version rules.

3. Kendrick – “King Kunta”.  Bitch where you when I was walking?

4. Ace Frehley – “Back in the New York groove”.  Fun with Kiss.

5. Little Dragon – “Feather”.  A weightless jam.

6. Beatles – “I, Me, Mine”.  Sing along with those harmonies on this one.

7. Ween – “Ocean Man”.  How’d he do that with his voice?

8. Metric – “Stadium Love”.  Gets me amped.

9. Zeus – “Miss My Friends”.  Be thankful for friends like Zeus.

10. New Feeling – “The Talking Heads”.  This song makes me feel cool and I like to look out the window and pretend I’m in a movie while listening to it.

11. Leaving Los Felis – “Mark Ronson feat. Kevin Parker”.  A wonderful collaboration.

12. Radiohead – “Bodysnatchers”.  From my fave Radiohead album.

13. Lowell – “The Bells”.  How have you not heard of her yet? Float around with this one.

14. Single Again – “the Fiery Furnaces”.  He was the devil’s grandfather.

15. Baker man – “Laidback”.  That sax-solo though! Lay back and vibe with this serious number.

16. Kinks – “Picture Book”.  When you’re driving through the country side.

17. 3 6 mafia – “Lick my nuts”.  For comedic relief during those tense travel moments.

18. James Pants – “Finger on the Knife”.  Thrash around and stab someone.

19. Adriano Celentano – “Prisencolinensinainciusol”.  A real sing along jam.

20. Gorillaz feat. mos def –  “Stylo”.  When you wanna feel like Gosling and drive like a boss

Load these podcasts up on the ol’ devices for when you’ve got the back seat of the van all to yourself and wanna think about life and chill.

Veronica Vasicka – Minimal Wave mixtapes

James Pants – Cult Music podcast for Stonesthrow

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This post was written by Stef McCarrol of Brave Shores, as part of their Takeover of Indie Music Filter.  Follow them on twitter here.