Les Savy Fav – Tube out the Jams…

Les Savy Fav Pic

Ok, so I’m a Les Savy Fav fan. Accepting that I am biased, please read the rest of this and check them out for yourselves.

The band recently released their 6th album in 10 years, Let’s Stay Friends. They’ve been around since ’95 when they all met at the Rhode Island School of Design. They play heavier indie-rock with a touch of dance punk and post-hardcore edge. Front man Tim Harrington is an interesting scene on stage… just picture a large bearded fellow prancing around in a wide variety of costumes (or no costume), occasionally kissing audience members between vocals.

Recently they’ve been running a YouTube contest for user submitted videos for the track The Equestrian. You can see and hear the most viewed entry below. I think my girlfriend will appreciate the obvious homage to My Little Pony. I’d recommend that you also check out the band’s MySpace site to listen to What Would Wolves Do? and their old single The Sweat Descends (which you can download here).